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Fire up your safety preparedness with new Wormald Virtual Reality (VR) fire extinguisher training 

Keeping your team safe onsite is critical in all organisational environments but when it comes to fire safety, ensuring your people know how to respond appropriately is vital.

To help prepare for a range of different fire scenarios, Wormald’s instructor led VR (powered by FLAIM) fire extinguisher training program combines comprehensive theory fire extinguisher training with an immersive practical VR component module. The training can be customised to meet your organisation’s unique environment, risk profile and business needs. Developed in Australia, Wormald’s VR fire extinguisher training provides a real-world environment that safely  exposes your people to more than 55 fire scenarios that can be tailored to suit your business.

Why Wormald VR training?

Wormald VR training is better for the environment, with more benefits than traditional training methods. Wormald’s VR fire extinguisher training is delivered indoors or outdoors with no set-up or clean-up costs. The program’s benefits include:

  • safely trains people in responding to hazardous situations
  • greater retention and learner engagement
  • eliminates any exposure to situational dangers
  • environmentally friendly
  • training uses no harmful toxins or pollutants associated with pan fires and extinguishers
  • reduces reducing the risk of injury, environmental damage or impact as a result of releasing fire extinguishing agents or by-product exposure
  • training that is undertaken safely in a controlled environment that is not subject to poor weather conditions , inturn leading to costly and inconvenient delays.
  • Australian designed

Wormald’s VR fire extinguisher training meets Australian Standards (AS) and training compliance requirements. The soon to be released online training platform will also include:

  • automatic tracking and alerts so you can monitor when people need to be retrained
  • compliance automation with learner management
  • secure data trainer records
  • certificates of completion to ensure all people are up to date on training.

For more information about how Wormald can help prepare your people and business to extinguish fire threats with Wormald’s VR fire extinguisher training, visit or contact us at