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Fire Protection Specialists

With over 135 years of experience, Wormald is the specialist in fire safety in Australia.

Fire Protection Specialists

With over 130 years of experience, Wormald is the specialist in fire safety in Australia.

Water Spray Deluge Fire Suppression Systems


Wormald’s high performance precision components

Water spray deluge systems are typically used in hazardous environments where fires may spread very quickly or where valuable equipment surrounding the fire needs to be cooled.

These systems are designed for use in a variety of special hazard applications. Many types of nozzles may be required to provide a properly designed special hazard fire protection system.

When it comes to managing the complexities and dangers of industrial facilities, no other company has our depth of experience, knowledge, skills or technology. Water spray deluge systems have been an effective defence against fire. Wormald’s advanced technology takes this simple idea to a new level. At the heart of our systems are specialised spray nozzles, positioned at the correct location, to quickly bring fire under control and stop it spreading.

Turning a set of nozzles into an effective fire system

Designing a modern spray system requires skill, experience and an eye for detail – it is much more than connecting a few nozzles. A number of variables need to be considered: the location of piping, the distance of the sprayer from its objective, the available water pressure, the effects of wind/draft, ambient temperature, concentration of chemicals, gas/chemical velocity and the corrosiveness of the environment. Water spray deluge systems must only be designed by experienced professionals who thoroughly understand the capabilities as well as the limitations of the equipment.

Complete fire protection service

Wormald can custom design and install a new fire system for most facilities or we can refurbish and upgrade your existing system. We have significant expertise in installing large scale fire systems in complex environments with minimal interruption in industries which cannot afford to halt production.

Water Spray Deluge Nozzles

Wormald’s professionally designed and installed high velocity and medium velocity Water Spray Deluge Systems offer high level protection for your organisation in a wide range of applications.

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Fire Suppression Enquiry