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Fire Protection Specialists

With over 135 years of experience, Wormald is the specialist in fire safety in Australia.

Fire Protection Specialists

With over 130 years of experience, Wormald is the specialist in fire safety in Australia.




Firerack is the perfect solution for any situation where a permanent fire extinguisher cannot be mounted.


For heritage listed buildings – the freestanding Firerack allows you to provide fire protection and meet OH&S obligations without damaging walls with fire extinguisher mounts. For workshops – Firerack allows fire extinguishers to be easily moved to higher risk activities, like welding, so they are close by if needed. On construction sites – easily move fire extinguishers to new locations as the needs of the site changes during construction. For fetes, carnivals, festivals- Firerack is the ideal way to have extinguishers readily on hand.


Firerack is a sturdy fire extinguisher trolley with a multitude of uses. Simply install an extinguisher and wheel it into position against the wall. Firerack delivers effective fire protection exactly where you need it in just a few seconds. It is suitable for a variety of situations and can be used across multiple projects.


The freestanding Firerack makes transporting fire extinguishers very easy, reducing the risk of manual handling injuries from lifting and carrying heavy extinguishers.


Firerack is designed to carry a variety of extinguishers including Powder, Water, Foam and CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and can also carry fire blankets. Firerack can be set up to meet your specific fire risk. It comes with appropriate signs to identify extinguisher type and a 2m sign extension.


Available with pneumatic or solid rubber tires, Firerack can be easily dismantled for storage and transport.

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Fire Equipment Enquiry