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Fire Protection Specialists

With over 135 years of experience, Wormald is the specialist in fire safety in Australia.

Fire Protection Specialists

With over 130 years of experience, Wormald is the specialist in fire safety in Australia.

VIGILANT® MX1 Fire Indicator Panel


The simple and cost effective solution for small to medium installations.


Features and Options: 

    • Rapid response to fire conditions, yet a low rate of nuisance alarms achieved through:
    • MX SMARTSENSE and FASTLOGIC detection algorithms
    • MX TECHNOLOGY® heat enhanced smoke detection algorithms
    • MX TECHNOLOGY® carbon monoxide (CO) fire detection
    • Single MX DIGITAL loop supporting up to 250 MX devices
    • Optional MX loop cards (up to 8 loops in total) for up to 2000 MX devices
    • Analogue addressable; high sensitivity smoke detector (VESDA), flame detectors and Ex rated detectors and modules
    • Loop powered sounder bases and beacon
    • Alarm Investigation Facility (AIF)
    • Alarm Acknowledge Facility (AAF) to AS 7240.2
    • Residential mode (Smoke local alarm, Heat general alarm)
    • Plain English alarm messages on 4-line, 40 character LCD
    • Compact zone LED display modules for up to 192 zones
    • Event logging to internal non-volatile history file
    • Event printer port and repeater panel port
    • High level VIGILANT® QE90 EWIS interface
    • Support for one optional Remote Fire Brigade Panel for fire brigade or engineer use
    • Dual databases for reduced downtime and increased security
    • Windows®- based programming tool
    • Day/ night modes for alarm sensitivity adjustment and output logic functions
    • Internal 5A p.s.e. / battery charger
    • Internal mounting for optional TGEN Mark 2- Grade 3 and Grade 2

Easy to Operate

Operation is straightforward with the VIGILANT® MX1 Fire Detection and Alarm System’s AS 4428.3 Fire Brigade Panel keypad and 4 line x 40 character alphanumeric LCD. It displays clear alarm information including the zone and point numbers, the type of alarm, and a text description of the alarm location. Detailed alarm information is available with a single keypress. The 4-line text display allows easy scrolling through the 99 event alarm buffer. Current faults, disabled (isolated) zones and points, and tests in progress can also be separately recalled. An internal, non-volatile history log stores the previous 900 events, and these can be readily recalled to the LCD. The optional easy-to-read plain language printer output provides a 30 character text description of the event, and a date/ time stamp to allow rapid tracing of events. The printer may be selected to log any or all of: zone events, point events, system events. “Tandem Mode” enables the VIGILANT® MX1 Fire Detection and Alarm System to be operated from a remote computer running PanelX for training, diagnostic or remote operation purposes.

Fully User-Programmable

The VIGILANT® MX1 Fire Detection and Alarm System is programmed quickly and easily using the SmartConfig Windows® – based programming software. The dual database structure of VIGILANT® MX1 Fire Detection and Alarm System allows updated site-specific configurations to be downloaded while still maintaining full operation. System programming provides a wide range of options including operation of remote displays. Freely programmable mapping of points and sub-points to zones allows maximum flexibility for field wiring. Powerful control programmability is available through timers (second and minute), day/night periods and logic expressions. Text substitutions add meaning to logic expressions to simplify software maintenance. The programmed data can be printed for reference and archived for back-up storage. The site-specific configuration is stored in non-volatile FLASH memory, which remains protected even if the system’s power supply is removed.

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