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Wormald develops industry first Fire Risk Assessment App


Wormald has introduced new technology that enhances the way its technicians undertake fire risk assessments on mobile and transportable machines that have been fitted with Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems (VFSS). The easy to use Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) App was developed by Wormald’s in-house team and is unique to the industry.

Keeping up with fire obligations can be challenging, particularly for businesses with large fleets or those based in remote locations such as mine sites.  However, the new app makes the process more efficient by allowing Wormald Vehicle System Technicians to undertake FRA’s directly on site and, where required, at the location of the machine using a smart device such as a mobile phone or tablet. Once the assessments have been completed, the information is reviewed by Wormald and then converted for documentation.

FRA’s are a mandatory requirement in accordance with AS5062 Standard – Fire Protection for Mobile and Transportable Equipment which is why it’s important for vehicle operators to keep accurate and up to date information. Wormald’s new FRA App ensures that all records and information is readily available in a digital format.



The App is ideal for:

  • machine modifications
  • five-yearly services
  • reviewing machines after a fire has occurred
  • providing updates if a new owner purchases the machine
  • identifying a change of location
  • identifying a change of industry.

FRA’s are a collaborative process and should always be undertaken with the site’s owner, and where possible, other stakeholders such as the operator of the machine. These reviews are part of the continuous improvement process, known as ‘Monitoring and Review’ and occurs:

  • periodically at intervals not exceeding five years
  • whenever changes are made to the equipment that could affect the fire risk
  • whenever variations in use, condition or environment could change the fire risk potential
  • after fire accidents or incidents occur.

For more details about the new Wormald Risk Assessment App, contact Wormald directly on 133 166.