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Why risk it? The importance of having the right equipment this bushfire season  

As the Australian summer approaches, the threat of bushfires looms large, especially for properties in bushfire-prone areas. The memories of the 2019-20 bushfire season remain fresh in many minds, a season that engulfed over 17 million hectares of land and claimed the lives of 33 people.1 This highlights the importance of preparation, technology, and having the right equipment such as the GAAM Fire Defender to combat such emergencies.  

Understanding that fire seasons have changed, becoming significantly longer over the years, there has been a stronger emphasis on safety equipment, quicker response times, early preventative measures, and better technology, including artificial intelligence (AI).  AI has the ability to instantaneously predict the potential spread of a fire, estimate how many properties might be affected, and rank those incidents in order of priority.  

GAAM Fire Defender: a must-have for properties in bushfire zones  

While technology plays an instrumental role in predicting and managing fires, the immediate defence against bushfires often relies on effective equipment. The GAAM Fire Defender is an essential tool for homeowners in bushfire-prone areas. This portable firefighting pump can be connected to a water source such as a swimming pool, water tank, or dam. Equipped with a 30-metre delivery hose, a 6-metre hard suction hose, a 240-litre capacity pump, and a 4-stroke petrol engine, the GAAM Fire Defender can be quickly mobilised during critical moments, especially when firefighters are stretched thin.

For homeowners who are especially concerned about windblown embers that can set rooftops ablaze, GAAM’s Wildlife Protection Base Kit (WASP) offers a solution. This kit features a patented gutter mount unit with sprinklers designed to wet the roof and surrounding areas, providing a 360-degree continuous spray, ensuring added protection during wildfires.  

Preparing for bushfire season 

This bushfire season, remember to be prepared, make a plan, and stay informed. Here’s what you can do to keep you and your loved ones safe: 

  1. Know the risk: understand the kind of fires that might affect your area based on your location and surroundings.  
  2. Discuss and plan: ensure that every occupant of the home knows the bushfire response plan, including escape routes. Regularly practice the evacuation plan and ensure that firefighting equipment, like extinguishers and fire blankets, are well-maintained and in date.  
  3. Prepare your home: if you’re living on the outskirts near bushland, it’s essential to plan for possible bushfires. Routine maintenance, trimming overhanging trees, clearing debris, and having a reliable water source, such as the GAAM Fire Defender, are crucial. It is also important to consider that if you live on a rural property, some regions are also required to keep a minimum amount of water on site at all times for local firefighters to access in the event of a bushfire.  
  4. Stay informed: familiarise yourself with the Bush Fire Alert levels and use platforms like the Fires Near Me mobile app to stay updated on the latest bushfire warnings and incident information.  
  5. Have a survival plan: with many parts of Australia experiencing unusually warm and dry conditions, having a bushfire survival plan is more important than ever. This involves understanding what to do in an emergency, preparing your property, and regularly updating your plan based on changing circumstances.  

Take action with GAAM 

GAAM Emergency Products has been a trusted name since 1933, supplying equipment to Australian firefighters and playing a crucial role in their daily operations. As we brace for the upcoming season, these tools and technologies will undoubtedly be critical in defending properties and saving lives.  

Preparation involves more than just having a plan; you need to have the right equipment. If you’re in a bushfire-prone area, don’t wait for an emergency to realise the importance of reliable firefighting equipment. Remember, the best defence is a proactive one.  

For more tips and resources about bushfire safety, visit To update your fire emergency equipment with the GAAM Fire Defender, contact our team on 1300 302 208.