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Rotarex CLS fire suppression system for vehicle engines receives AS 5062 approval


Wormald has confirmed its Rotarex FireDETEC Compact Line Suppression (CLS) system has received AS 5062 approval, making it one of just three pre-engineered water mist type systems for vehicle engines that officially complies with Australian Standards.

The Rotarex CLS system is designed to protect mobile and transportable equipment, such as buses, light vehicles, and small mobile plant, such as generators or compressors, by detecting and suppressing fires inside the confines of vehicle engine compartments. The system, which is easy and flexible to install, features a continuous pressurised detection tube that reliably detects fire and then causes the storage cylinder to release a choice of extinguishing agents.  The vehicle operator is also notified of a fire condition by an automatic warning signal to help protect valuable equipment and allow any operators or passengers on board to safely evacuate

The FireDETEC CLS system is one of the most compact systems on the market. It has the capability to protect engine compartments up to 4m³ using just four litres of extinguishing agent, available as an environmentally friendly foam concentrate or a biodegradable liquid-based water mist that contains glycol-free antifreeze.

The system is also available with a choice of detection systems, pneumatic sensor tubing or electronic detection. The benefits of a pneumatic sensor tubing are:

  1. Quick and easy installation directly into engine compartments: The flexible sensor tubing can be installed directly above and around the engine with ease and is positioned closer to where a fire could start.

  2. Early fire detection: When a fire occurs, the heat of the fire causes the pressurised sensor tube to burst at the hottest spot (approximately 170 degrees).
  3. Instant suppression: The sudden tube depressurisation actuates the special pressure differential valve and instantly floods the entire engine compartment with FireDETEC TS55 extinguishing agent or environmentally sensitive firefighting foam.

In comparison, electronic detection offers the following benefits:

  1. Quick and easy connection: A plug and play system is connected to a solenoid actuator on the cylinder, with the device compatible with existing electronic linear detection systems.

  2. Instant suppression: The electronic detection system detects a fire by sending a signal to the solenoid valve which actuates the special pressure differential valve which then instantly floods the entire engine compartment with extinguishing agent.

Both detection methods will quickly suppress a fire within moments, minimising damage and downtime. Compared to alternative mechanical or electronic systems, the FireDETEC system offers a more flexible, space efficient and cost-effective solution. 

Apart from compact size and simple operation, the FireDETEC system offers maintenance advantages when installed. System cylinders can be recharged in the field, reducing the cost and downtime that can be associated with system recharging and general maintenance. Wormald can supply spare parts to your preferred service provider to ensure your entire fleet is always protected.

For more details about Wormald’s vehicle fire suppression systems, contact our team on 133 166.