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Introducing Wormald FireM: a smarter solution for fire system monitoring

Evolving technologies have made the process of monitoring fire systems smarter, safer and more intuitive. Wormald’s FireM Advanced Fire System Monitoring solution utilises the Internet of Things (IoT) with advanced algorithm technology to transform any standard Fire Indicator Panel (FIP) into a smart fire system.

Wormald FireM provides several key benefits:

Reduced Maintenance Costs
Wormald FireM actively monitors, and securely stores all fire system event data in the cloud. Data is aggregated, cleansed and automatically processed to identify and anticipate any potential issues. Customised predictive maintenance reporting, trend data analysis and alerts help identify any “at risk devices” likely to fail in the future. Powered sophisticated analytical insights can help drive better decision making to ensure that maintenance spend is targeted and specific to those areas only requiring critical attention.

Wormald’s General Manager John Lynch commented “the Wormald FireM advanced algorithm technology is an extremely useful tool when investigating intermittent fire system faults. Historically this can be time consuming and costly for building owners, however, Wormald FireM allows quick and accurate fault identification that can dramatically save diagnostic time and money.”

Reduced false alarms and fire brigade callouts
Through constant monitoring of pre alarm conditions, Wormald FireM analyses devices that are likely to go into full alarm. Automatic reporting and active pre alarm alerts can dramatically assist building owners and managers to reduce the number of costly and disruptive building evacuations and fire brigade callouts.

Improved fire safety, compliance and visibility
Wormald FireM, users can monitor their critical fire safety assets through an intuitive  secure customer web console or through a fully featured mobile app that provides compliance dashboards and graphical trend data. Wormald FireM also provides real-time visibility of contractor activities such as isolations, servicing and testing.  The improved visibility also provides accountability of fire safety compliance and accurate monitoring of event occurrence and contractor performance.

Real-time notifications and easy-to-use site location mapping
Wormald FireM users receive instant, real-time event-based notifications of alarms, pre-alarms, faults and isolations via in-app notifications and SMS. In addition to customisable notifications, optional site location mapping can be added allowing building owners and facility managers to quickly visualise event locations, improving and expediting safe egress from the facility in the event of a fire.

Retrofit and Compatibility
Wormald FireM can be installed into most existing and new FIP’s making it an ideal solution for all industries, markets and verticals.

As fire system technologies continue to evolve, the future is likely to become even more advanced and sophisticated. Wormald FireM is at the forefront of this trend, offering an innovative and comprehensive solution for advanced fire system monitoring.

For more information on how your organisation can take advantage of Wormald FireM, visit or contact our team directly at