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Inspiring inclusion on International Women’s Day

In Australia, just three per cent of Fire Protection Technicians are female. Wormald is working hard to ignite change, by #inspiringinclusion for the next generation.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, Wormald is putting the spotlight on the many pathways available for women to not only join our team, but also grow their career with in-house training and support.

The support offered to woman at Wormald provides opportunities for growth and success and fosters a more inclusive and diverse environment in a historically male dominant industry. The business has seen more and more women join all areas of its workforce including field-based roles.

Angelina Zakaria, our Sydney Fire Equipment Manager, Operational Account Manager and Trainer-Assessor started her journey as a receptionist for Wormald more than 20 years ago.

She is now one of our many talented female leaders, encouraging other young women to consider a career in fire protection.

We spoke with Angelina about her role and how working with Wormald has provided her with opportunities to expand her skill set.

How did you get started in fire protection and what do you enjoy about your work? 

I started at Wormald as a receptionist at the age of 19. Over the years, working with Wormald and other tier one companies in similar leadership roles, I’ve enjoyed watching fire protection technology and strategies evolve. One of the things I love about working in this industry is that there’s always new ideas, new challenges and new skills to learn. Witnessing innovations in materials, products, detection systems and fire-fighting techniques has been really interesting and rewarding, in a team constantly working to improve safety.

What qualifications do you hold and how has Wormald helped you to achieve these?

I hold a Certificate ll in Inspection & Testing, Testing & Maintenance of Ansul Suppression Systems along with a Certificate lV as a trainer & assessor.

I obtained my Ansul Suppression System qualification at Wormald. Currently, I am continuing my education with the assistance of my employer by working towards the accredited Fire Safety Practitioners licence within the next few months. This involves intensive technical training, many written and practical examinations and sitting through over 30 final exams with the Fire Protection Association, the accreditation body.

What do you love about working at Wormald?

There are many reasons; the friendly team, the opportunity for career progression and the way everyone feels respected and heard. It’s a wonderful environment. It’s also a very supportive place for women to work, with plenty of options to upskill and great work/life balance.

What would you say to other women considering a career in fire protection?

I’d say go for it! Fire protection is about much more than the equipment we are working with; it’s about protecting people’s lives and their livelihoods. It’s very satisfying to know you are giving people the education, awareness and systems to keep themselves, their businesses and others safe.

If you don’t have any experience you can always work your way through different training programs to further your career.

What opportunities and challenges do you enjoy in your role?

My role involves communication with both internal and external stakeholders to ensure they understand the range and capabilities of our systems, so it’s important to strike the right balance between clarity and depth of information.

Technology is both an asset and a challenge for our industry. The integration of new smart technologies has significantly enhanced early detection and improved overall safety.

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