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How Wormald Smart Emergency Lighting can help enhance fire safety protocols

Wormald has made managing fire safety and compliance easier for organisations by releasing a range of Wormald Smart Emergency Lighting.  A scalable, secure, networked emergency lighting solution can benefit highly regulated sites, where monitored emergency lighting is critical to meet fire safety compliance, such as in residential and aged care facilities, nursing homes and hospitals.

Wormald Smart Emergency Lighting has the power to transform a facility into a smart building through Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity combined with LoRA (Long Range) mesh networking. These smart technologies enhance system functionality and enable the network to centrally identify, scan and sync, as well as predicting maintenance needs, reducing energy and enhancing occupant safety.

Wormald Smart Emergency Lighting also helps facilities reduce maintenance costs using high quality LED’s and LiFePO4 batteries. LED lighting can last more than 50,000 hours and provide greater energy efficiency and longevity for facilities compared to traditional solutions.

Lighting the way for improved safety and compliance in aged care: Wormald Smart Emergency Lighting in action

With the number of Australians over the age of 85 projected to rise to more than 1.5 million by 2058,[1] providing safe aged care facilities that protect residents, visitors, and staff is more important than ever. In Australia, there are currently more than 3,300 aged care providers[2] who will need to become more proactive when it comes to installing products and technologies that can help maintain safety and security.

Wormald was recently approached by a large aged care facility in Canberra to recommend and implement an Emergency Exit Lighting solution that would improve reliability, safety, and compliance, while helping to reduce site attendance and disruptions.

Prior to Wormald commencing the project, the facility had experienced multiple emergency lighting failures which was impacting overall site safety. This was a major area of concern as inoperable exit lighting would not provide adequate illumination along the path of travel to a designated exit in the event of an emergency, potentially placing vulnerable residents at risk.

As a result, the facility manager contacted Wormald to provide a technical solution. After assessing the current lighting system and operational requirements, Wormald recommended a more contemporary wireless smart emergency lighting system be installed. The specified system provided constant monitoring and remote testing functionality via a 4G LTE data connection with a wireless LoRa mesh network that provided extended coverage across the entire site. Continuous monitoring would provide real time identification of any fittings requiring attention and remote testing would significantly reduce the amount of maintenance time required on site.

Enjoying the benefits of a smarter emergency exit lighting system

Since installing Wormald’s Smart Emergency Lighting system, the aged care facility has experienced fewer disturbances for residents and frontline workers. Remote visibility, constant fault monitoring and testing capabilities ensure essential fire safety maintenance activities and monitoring can be conducted with minimal contractor interaction on site.

The client benefits include predictive service call avoidance which monitors the condition of equipment and can predict potential failures. Planned works are then able to be carried out at an agreed time avoiding expensive emergency call outs that can cause additional disruption and non-compliant system outages. System reliability and up time was greatly improved through the self-healing LoRa mesh network that ensures that wider network integrity is uncompromised should an individual fitting fail. Should the system require attention, smart mapping and fitting identification functionality provides technicians and maintenance staff with immediate directions to the location of the concerned device, again saving significant time and disruption.

For more information on how Wormald can help organisations improve safety and compliance with a Wormald Smart Emergency Lighting system, or to find out how this can benefit your business, contact the Wormald team today.