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Embracing equity: celebrating women in the fire industry

As we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, we acknowledge the progress that women have made in various industries around the world. The theme for 2023 is #EmbraceEquity, which calls attention to the fact that equal opportunities alone are insufficient for achieving true inclusion and belonging. To accomplish these goals, we must take equitable action that recognises and addresses the unique challenges and differences that individuals bring.

At Wormald, we had the pleasure to speak with Kellie, one of our inspiring female employees. Kellie joined Wormald in August 2021, during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to joining us, she had been working in the childcare industry, specifically in a centre that catered to children aged 0-2 years.

“I had been working in the childcare industry for some time, but I wanted to challenge myself and expand my skill set. When I learned about the opportunities available at Wormald through my sister, who was already working there, I decided to make a career change. I applied for the role in the major accounts group (MAG), which has allowed me to interact with both our field technicians and some of our largest customers.”

After settling into her role, Kellie soon realised that she wanted to be more physically active and work in a field-based role, which motivated her to explore other opportunities outside of the MAG team.

“Working in the MAG team was great, but I’ve always had a passion for physical activity and sports. I wanted a career that would allow me to be more active, and that’s why I jumped at the opportunity to become a portable fire equipment technician in the Sydney service team. It’s been a year now, and I’m loving every moment of it.”

“Working as a portable fire equipment technician has been perfect for me. I enjoy the physical work and interacting with our customers and field technicians. I am very goal-oriented and prioritise achieving my productivity KPIs. From a Wormald perspective, I have been welcomed to the services team without any gender-related roadblocks. And it’s great to see that customers appreciate having a female fire equipment technician on the job.”

Kellie’s success as a portable fire equipment technician is a testament to her hard work and dedication, as well as her ongoing commitment to improving her skills on fire doors and emergency lighting. She has broken gender barriers in the industry and shown that women can thrive in physically demanding roles, and her drive to expand her knowledge and expertise is an inspiration to others.

“To women considering a career in the fire industry, I strongly encourage you to go for it. It’s a rewarding career choice that relates to people’s safety, and there are many great opportunities for women to make a meaningful contribution to the industry.”

At Wormald, we are proud to have a talented team of female employees who are integral to our organisation’s success. We are committed to providing a family-friendly environment that encourages a greater work-life balance and to being an equal-opportunity employer that values equality and diversity in the workplace.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, let us all embrace equity and recognise the achievements of women in different industries worldwide. At Wormald, we will continue to strive for a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone feels welcomed and valued.