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About Wormald

Specialists in fire protection services since 1889

Wormald is a leading provider of fire protection services in Australia and has been helping to protect people and property for over 130 years.

Our expertise spans the design, manufacture, installation and service of fire safety products, fire extinguishers and equipment backed up with a comprehensive range of fire services from engineering advice to fire safety training.

Wormald supplies specialist fire protection services to the mining, marine, industrial, commercial and retail industries. Many leading companies and government bodies also rely on our specialist expertise. Specialising in fire detection and protection systems since 1889 and operating in over 32 locations nationally, you can rely on Wormald to help protect you.

Other businesses in our group of companies include:



Established over 18 years ago, Exelgard is a leading supplier of fire protection products in Australia, selling to fire companies, wholesalers, distributors, government departments and retailers. Exelgard’s range of well manufactured and reliable fire fighting equipment include; fire extinguishers, fire blankets, domestic smoke alarms, hoses, hose reels, couplings, nozzles and safety signage.


Simplex Time Solutions

In 1894, Simplex Time Solutions developed its first time recorder. Since then, Simplex Time Solutions continues this fine tradition of quality products & services throughout Australia by offering the market place end-to-end time and attendance packages, master clock systems, time displays and advanced software and biometric solutions.


GAAM Emergency Products

GAAM Emergency Products is a diversified company providing specialised equipment to the emergency services and other industries operating in demanding environments. They specialise in the design and manufacture of pumps for urban and rural fire fighting, as well as ancillary items such as nozzles, hoses and couplings. GAAM also provides a range of emergency services rescue and protective equipment, including; fire helmets, forced entry tools, hydraulic cutting gear, thermal imaging cameras, vehicle lights and sirens.

National Fire Solutions

NFS has grown to be one of the largest and most respected providers of fire protection installations, products and services with offices nationally. NFS provides innovative fire protection solutions with cutting edge technology backed by technical excellence and a company wide commitment to personal customer service.

NFS use FireTraX which is an integrated maintenance management system which ensures that the maintenance of fire protection equipment is carried out according to contracted arrangements and the relevant Australian Standards. NFS provide fire products and solutions for retail, commercial, mining, government, industrial, aged care, public spaces, manufacturing and education industries.


Wormald Security

Sophisticated asset protection for high-risk, production intensive and essential service operations.


Wormald Technology

Technology specialises in the design, supply, installation and commissioning of marine, naval and military fire protection, detection, safety and security systems.

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