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Fluorine Free Foam Fire Suppression Systems


Developed as an alternative to AFFF, Wormald can offer a range of Fluorine Free Foam concentrates to protect against high challenge flammable liquid fires while minimising impact to the environment.

Wormald’s proactive stance on firefighting foam contamination

Both Queensland and South Australia have either restricted or banned the use of Fluorinated Foam products, with compliance required by 7th July 2019 or 30th January 2020 respectively. The range of foams from our product partners satisfies the requirements for use in these states containing no PFAS chemicals along with added benefits of being free of solvents* and siloxane.

In response to State environmental regulation and end users’ desire to reduce their environmental impact, Wormald are pleased to announce a range of Fluorine Free Foam concentrates suitable for use in new or existing systems converting from AFFF.

Converting an existing AFFF system containing PFAS to a Fluorine Free system

Our experienced engineers assess your existing foam system and develop a plan to convert from AFFF to Fluorine Free Foam. We will review the existing system’s standard of performance and select a foam that meets this to minimise the system changes required. AFFF is decanted from the system and all tanks and pipes flushed with water to remove residual PFAS. Proportioning systems are then adjusted or replaced to suit the new foam and foam produced to verify system performance. Finally, any waste foam or wash water is disposed of with a licenced waste provider accredited for disposal of PFAS-contaminated waste.

Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems (VFSS)

Wormald also have a fluorine free foam for VFSS that is essentially a drop-in replacement for our previous AFFF solution. Discharge nozzles and ring main limitations remain unchanged while the cylinder operates at a higher pressure (1800 kPa compared to 1620 kPa). The old fluorinated foam solution is simply decanted for safe disposal at a licenced facility, the new foam is mixed within the cylinder, the gauge, pressure switch and label changed, and the cylinder pressurised.


Our partners have a range of industry recognised approvals for foam concentrate such as UL, FM, ICAO B and C, and EN1568 Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4.

To request a Foam Conversion Kit Quotation or additional information, please complete the enquiry form.


Technical Guide – Benefits of Flourine & Solvent Free Foam

*product dependent

PFAS Free: Free of PFAS compounds including PFOS, PFOA, and PFHxA

Solvent Free

Siloxane free

Fluorine Free Foam