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Wormald to distribute INEREX Inert Gas Fire Suppression System


Following a new partnership with Rotarex, Wormald has announced it will distribute the INEREX Inert Gas Fire Suppression System in Australia. INEREX has been UL listed and FM approved, meaning that it has been extensively tested and certified to meet Australian and global industry regulations.

The INEREX system harnesses nature to fight fire by using naturally occurring gases, including nitrogen and argon, to cut off a fire’s oxygen supply within seconds without the use of chemicals or liquid.  It is also completely safe for human occupants should the system be discharged during an evacuation.

The solution’s safety and environmental features make it suitable for highly sensitive environments where electronic equipment or delicate assets are held, such as data centres, server rooms, military facilities, museums and historic archives.  As there are no toxic chemicals, by-products or residues, INEREX is a non-reactive, non-corrosive, clean and safe fire suppression solution.

INEREX systems feature constant-flow pressure regulator technology that modulates the discharge pressure to a constant 40-60 bar dynamic pressure. This still delivers the design concentration within 60 or 120 seconds but with significant performance and cost benefits.  The regulator technology also helps to prevent freeze-up and excessive agent discharge force.

INEREX is easier to install due to smaller diameter piping and reduced pressure relief vent areas. The system can also be function tested while the system is armed and post-discharge refilling does not require reconditioning or replacement of the cylinder discharge valve.

INEREX can be integrated with additional products including:

  • DIMES, a digital measurement system solution for inert and C02 agents that replaces the standard pressure gauge on the valve port. Built-in sensors that are temperature compensated digitally monitor the cylinder’s pressure and its contents with the program sending a warning signal if the pressure drops, such as in the event of a leak or discharge. The intuitive software program is able to run from any laptop.
  • Silent nozzle technology ensures that the discharge decibel level is significantly lower (103 dBA) compared to the standard nozzle (approximately 135 dBA). This proven technology helps to protect sensitive hard disk drives in data centres and server rooms from excessive noise levels to below danger level, ensuring business continuity and preventing expensive service disruptions.

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