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Did you know fire safety essentials can be purchased through Wormald’s online shop?


With many businesses returning to the office, it is important to reacquaint staff with workplace health and safety guidelines and ensure the premises is equipped to protect everyone’s wellbeing. This includes checking that the appropriate emergency plan is in place and fire wardens have been assigned to ensure the workplace is able to respond quickly in the event of an emergency.


A vital part of ensuring a workplace is compliant with safety protocols is appointing a fire warden. A fire warden is responsible for several fire hazard mitigation duties and broader emergency-related tasks, including (but not limited to):


  • Helping to implement or improve workplace emergency procedures
  • Performing quality checks on risk control measures to determine if they are suitable for preventing emergencies
  • Spreading awareness of potential fire hazards to staff
  • Coordinating emergency plan procedures during an emergency, including directing people to evacuation points
  • Leading evacuation procedures and fire drills
  • Accounting for all staff in an evacuation and ensuring that nobody is left behind.


Fire wardens form an important section of a business’ Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) and are required as per the Australian Standard (AS) 3745-2010. The AS 3745-2010 was developed a framework to meet Safe Work Australia’s Managing the work environment and facilities Code of Practice and therefore the Act (2011).

For some, appointing or training a fire warden is an inconvenient corporate formality to ensure compliance with Australian workplace health and safety regulations. However, a fire warden’s role in the event of an emergency cannot be overstated. They are responsible for ensuring everyone is accounted for when lives are at stake. They create a focal point for information and direction which minimises the chaos and confusion during a crisis. Due to their input in a business’ emergency plan, they are familiar with procedures and can therefore think quickly in an emergency, which is essential to their co-worker’s safety.


To that end, a suitably trained and equipped fire warden is a vital resource and should not simply be nominated to an unwitting team member who is unprepared for the role. Wormald Fire and Safety Training is a registered training organisation (RTO) and provides a comprehensive range of fire safety and emergency training including ECO Refresher Training to ensure that all participants meet the minimum requirements of AS 3745 – 2010. In an hour-long session, Wormald’s training is designed to reinforce the knowledge of an ECO Warden and review emergency response procedures on how to perform as part of an ECO and how to safeguard endangered persons. The training consists of both theoretical and practical components.


Fire wardens also need to be correctly equipped for an emergency. Due to their responsibilities to the workplace, they need to be easily identifiable in an emergency, and must also have quick and easy access to vital safety equipment. Wormald also provides the necessary equipment through its online store (, which includes a range of warden caps and fire blankets that are available in a number of sizes. Wormald can also advise and supply appropriate portable fire extinguishers to suit all types and classes of fires.


The importance of workplace health and safety during an emergency hasn’t changed. If your business is returning to the office, ensure that the team is equipped with a fully trained fire warden and the right equipment to ensure everyone’s safety in an emergency situation.