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Wormald appointed as distributor for FireDETEC® range in Australia


Wormald is delighted to announce it is the privileged distributor for FireDETEC systems nationally through a new partnership with Rotarex. The FireDETEC range of fire protection systems are designed to safeguard high-risk equipment in industrial and manufacturing environments which can be susceptible to fires due to electrical overheating, short circuits, system overload or mechanical friction.

The FireDETEC range features a proprietary sensor tube that can be fitted directly inside or around compact equipment enclosures to automatically detect and suppress fire at its source. The pressured sensor tubing is highly reactive to heat, meaning that in the event of a flame-up, the sensor tube bursts to release an extinguishing agent that quickly and effectively suppresses fire. Digital sensors monitor extinguishing cylinder levels in real-time and send alerts if a leak is detected.

“Regardless of industry or business type, an unexpected workplace fire can pose a serious risk to the life and safety of workers, and may result in extensive damage to valuable equipment and property,” said Justin Morris, Technical Director at Wormald.  “Fires can also have a significant impact on production and economic output; business operations can feel the effects of a fire long after it has been extinguished, particularly if important assets are lost.

The FireDETEC range includes:

  • FireDETEC Dry Chemical – can be installed directly inside equipment, closer to where a fire would start. The autonomous pneumatic system works quickly to supress fire and protect high risk equipment against damage. Ideal for small enclosures, the pre-engineered system uses an ABC90 dry chemical agent to protect against chemical fires.
  • FireDETEC Fume – installed inside fume cupboards within laboratory environments to suppress fires caused by flammable or reactive chemicals, the system protects technicians by suppressing fires quickly before toxic by-products are produced and released into the atmosphere.
  • FireDETEC Wind Turbine – a specialised system designed for wind turbines that can be at risk of fires caused by lightning strikes, electrical malfunction, mechanical failure and maintenance errors, in an environment where hydraulic oil, plastics and electrical wires can easily ignite and be exacerbated by wind fanning flames. Inside the turbine, the system protects fire-prone components by automatically detecting and suppressing fire 24/7 without the need for human intervention.
  • FireDETEC CNC Machines – commonly used in manufacturing environments, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) tools, such as lathes, mills, routers and grinders, increase the risk of workplace fires due to system malfunction, tool breakage or the build-up of oil residues, combined with the extreme heat of machined metals. FireDETEC can help manufacturers prevent fire damage and avoid extensive machine repair or complete replacement resulting in operational downtime.

The FireDETEC range can be tailored to a wide array of business or industrial environments with a complete fire protection system available using appropriate suppression agents, including ABC90 dry chemical agent, CO2, Dupont FM -200® Agent,and 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fluid.

The FireDETEC range is ideal for common high-risk environments as it is flexible, space efficient and cost effective compared to conventional fire protection systems. For further information, contact our team on 133 166 or visit