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Introducing Wormald’s Restructured MAG Team


Wormald continues to drive its business forward and, after returning to local management, we have made some significant changes to our Major Accounts Group (otherwise known as the MAG team). These changes have been implemented to further enhance the level of service and support we provide to large-scale national businesses with numerous, and often very complex, challenges.

Wormald prides itself on the ability to service organisations of all sizes across a wide range of sectors, from mining and infrastructure to commercial complexes, retail, government facilities, hospitals and universities. While each industry has diverse fire safety requirements, often with multiple locations nationally, Wormald’s streamlined team restructure is designed to enhance our customer service experience.

As Australia’s leading provider of specialist fire protection solutions, Wormald is embracing new front-line technology, the latest research, expertise and experience and offers the largest geographic service area in Australia.  Wormald have branches in every major city as well as a number of key regional town centres, with a 24/7 customer support centre that is backed by location-assisted rapid despatch technology.

New MAG restructure

While our major clients will continue to benefit from having a dedicated national account manager as their single point of contact, they will now also be supported by a new centralised team to help ensure they receive the personalised and high level of service that is expected by our national customers.

Our national account managers maintain a depth of knowledge and understanding for the customers they represent, including individual business needs, company history, monitoring requirements, service-level agreements and performance indicators. They will ensure that customers receive tailored and detailed reports, that their contractual obligations, including compliance requirements, are being met and that their fire protection equipment remains operational and ready to respond if required.

The MAG team is led by our National Customer Service Manager with support from the Special Projects team. Further support from four new centralised teams who are dedicated to our national customers provides a streamlined account service operation, allowing us to respond more quickly and efficiently to the individual needs and requirements of large-scale organisations, including deploying local resources as and when they are needed.

These four dedicated centralised teams include:

  • Communications team – responsible for phone and email responses, service timelines, enquiries and tailored reporting.
  • Compliance team – responsible for preventative maintenance scheduling, regulatory compliance, ASCR and AFSS.
  • Service team – responsible for capturing defects, reporting, archiving and pricing.
  • Administration team – primarily responsible for preventative maintenance and consolidated billing.

Managing critical fire safety requirements can be a complex process, which includes inspection and testing for fire and essential services such as fire alarm systems, sprinkler system pumps, tanks and fire doors inspection, to undertaking fire system compliance surveys and system upgrades.

Working with large scale multi-national organisations, Wormald understands that business interruption is simply not an option. We also understand the importance of stringent induction processes to comply with our customer’s security and workplace safety requirements.

Our team is committed to ensuring our clients’ fire safety obligations are met and delivered in accordance with the Australian Standards and regulations, and that service is delivered as swiftly and most cost-efficiently as possible. For further information contact our team on 1300 754 889 or visit