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GAAM Emergency Products celebrates 85 years


Wormald would like to congratulate our sister company, GAAM Emergency Products, on recently celebrating 85 years as manufacturer and supplier of firefighting pumps working with Australia’s emergency service organisations.

GAAM was founded in 1933 by the Falconer family and has established itself as a company synonymous with quality, reliable, locally made firefighting products and accessories.

GAAM specialises in the design and manufacture of pumps for urban and rural firefighting and industrial applications, as well as ancillary items such as nozzles, hoses and couplings. GAAM also supplies a range of emergency services rescue and protective equipment, including; fire helmets, forced entry tools, hydraulic cutting tools and thermal imaging cameras.

Over the years, GAAM has stayed true to its entrepreneurial founders and continues to introduce high quality products into the Australian market. In addition to its own range of pumps, GAAM sources products and components from iconic companies such as Bullard, Hale, Godiva, Paratech, Pelican, Task Force Tips (TFT) and Waterax.

Today, the company offers unrivalled expertise in controlling fires in emergency and extreme environments. With an ongoing commitment to product development, GAAM is looking forward to continuing to service the growing needs of Australia’s fire, rescue, security, ambulance, emergency services and industrial organisations.

We are proud to work with GAAM as one family.