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Ahoy! Wormald announces new partnership with Fireboy


Wormald has joined forces with Fireboy as a major distributor of their marine fire suppression range of products. The new partnership combines Wormald’s expertise in marine fire systems installation and servicing with a quality Fireboy fire suppression product solution.


Wormald is a leading fire protection specialist and one of Australia’s largest independent fire companies, operating in nearly 40 locations throughout Australia, while Fireboy United Safety is a leading global manufacturer of safety and survivability solutions for the recreational and commercial marine, transportation, and industrial markets.

“The synergy between the two companies is very complementary, providing many benefits for our customers. Our company offers excellent design, installation and servicing capabilities while Fireboy’s high quality suppression products are second to none. Both Wormald and Fireboy are well established and trusted names in the marine industry and we are excited to deliver these products and services to the sector,” said Jon Buckley, Director Defence, Marine & Products at Wormald.

Fireboy’s proven and trusted range of marine fire suppression systems provide constant protection from the effects of fire on crew, passengers and assets at berth or at sea.  Solutions range from manual to fully automatic fire suppression systems that can be installed or retrofitted into engine compartments and enclosures on all types of marine vessels.

Wormald Fireboy offers two extinguisher systems, the CG and MA series. The CG series provides automatic discharge solutions that are suitable for engine rooms up to 28.3 m3, while the MA series offers both automatic and manual discharge capabilities, when used with a Wormald Fireboy Manual Discharge Cable, for engine rooms up to 51 m3.

The systems contain 3M™ Novec™ Fire Protection Fluid, which is a highly effective clean agent fire suppressant, designed to extinguish a fire in its incipient stage before it has a chance to spread. Novec 1230 Fluid evaporates more than 50 times faster than water. It also allows the clean agent to transition from a liquid to a gaseous state very rapidly when discharged through a nozzle, and readily achieves vapor extinguishing concentrations in air.

The Wormald Fireboy system also considers the environment with the 3M™ Blue Sky℠ Warranty offering 20-year protection against certain regulatory bans or restrictions on the fluid. This is possible due to its low toxicity (no harm to personnel) and its ability to extinguish fires in less than half the time of CO2 and inert gases without damaging sensitive equipment. There are also no restrictions around emission reduction or phase-out.

“An unexpected fire at sea can pose a serious risk to the life and safety of passengers and crew, as well as causing extensive damage to the vessel. The Wormald Fireboy automatic fire suppression system provides continuous protection and peace of mind, with the ability to suppress a fire before it has even been detected,” said Buckley

The process for installing Wormald Fireboy is easily undertaken in consultation with Wormald who will design, install and maintain the system.

For more details on Wormald Fireboy, contact Wormald directly on 133 166 or via email: