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Wormald: protecting life and property since 1889


Wormald has a long and proud history of delivering specialised fire expertise in Australia. In the three years since announcing our return to local management in 2016, we have made significant advances in refocusing our business as Australia’s leading independent and dedicated fire and safety services provider after 25 years of US multinational ownership.

When we passed our first year anniversary as an independent business, we reflected on the achievements we had made which included investing in our people, processes and enhancing our customer experience.

In the three years since returning to our roots as an independently managed organisation, we continue to move forward and are pleased to share an update of our progress and developments.


We’ve assembled a highly experienced national management team with over 250 years combined tenure in the fire industry, including our CEO and CFO who have 40 years’ experience between them. All decisions are made on the ground in Australia.

Local coverage and support 

We’ve re-opened a number of regional offices, invested in new sites in all capital cities and continue to develop our already extensive field technician coverage to meet the needs of our customers across Australia.  These include organisations of all sizes from a range of sectors, including mining and infrastructure to commercial, government, hospitals and universities.


It is an exciting time to be in the fire protection industry as we continue to innovate by introducing a suite of new technologies designed to enhance our service levels.  These include proprietary service run scheduling, GPS coordination, and electronic service docket records. We’ve also launched Wormald Direct an intuitive digital platform for customers to provide industry leading reporting and transparency. Backed by state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, we equip our field technicians with the latest handheld smart devices and apps that support our customers’ needs for greater visibility and more immediate information.

Compliance and safety 

We are strongly focused on ensuring building compliance to the relevant codes and standards.  We back this up by embracing independent compliancy checks as well as providing full customer transparency in a user-friendly way. We operate a Registered Training Organisation and a robust, externally accredited Environmental, Health & Safety system to ensure all services are performed professionally and safely.


Amid growing concerns about the environmental impact of fire suppressing foams, we proactively introduced new products including fluorine-free and solvent-free environmental foams, new inert gas systems, and are currently developing new vehicle fire suppression system solutions. We encourage our customers to take an equally proactive approach to ensure existing fire suppression systems, including fire extinguishers and vehicle fire suppression systems, are fluorine free and ready to comply with regulations. Our engineers can assist by assessing existing suppression systems and develop a tailored plan to convert.


We proudly employ qualified technicians, invest in technologies and local teams to ensure high standards of fire safety. We appreciate that price is critical and always aim to provide a compelling offer, including a competitive price.

For further information contact our team on 133 166.