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Wormald celebrates Australia’s First Peoples during NAIDOC week 2020


NAIDOC Week celebrates the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Each year, events and activities are scheduled in each state and territory across Australia to recognise and support local Indigenous communities.

In line with NAIDOC Week 2020 (November 8 – 14), and as part of Wormald’s ongoing acknowledgment of, and commitment to First Australians, the company has appointed Dion Devow as its First Nations ambassador. By sharing his story, Dion will assist Wormald in promoting awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and implement initiatives that demonstrate at a practical organisational level, how meaningful engagement with Indigenous communities can make a difference.

“My role will include counsel on areas such as increasing employment opportunities, engaging in contracting and working with more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island businesses, the development of a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) and staff cultural awareness training, starting with management,” said Dion.

Dion is a three-time ACT NAIDOC Award winner and was an Australian of the Year recipient in 2018. He was recognised for more than 20 years of work in Aboriginal health promotions, volunteer work and his clothing business. His latest projects include the recently designed Indigenous logo for Wormald, symbolising the theme of ‘Together, Stronger, Safer.’

The design incorporates the colours of the Aboriginal flag and etchings inspired by Aboriginal art adorning the iconic Wormald ‘W’. The new graphic incorporates symbols that tell the story of casting a net through the realms, and the fabric of time to connect the past with the present.

“Like all designs, there is a story behind the design which I worked on in conjunction with the staff at Wormald to create something that represented both Wormald and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples,” Dion said.

Wormald is also working on finalising its Reconciliation Action Plan, an initiative to educate staff about the unique and inspirational First Nations culture while fostering goals to better engage with local Indigenous people and communities across the country.

Wormald Australia CEO, Andrew Lee said, “We are proud to be working with Dion Devow as our first official First Nations ambassador. To mark our commitment, we are delighted to launch the new Wormald Indigenous logo and “Together, Stronger, Safer” statement that forms part of how we will better engage with local Indigenous people and communities across the country.”

Each year, Wormald strives to understand the environmental, social and governance concerns of citizens, recognising the role this plays in influencing public policy to the betterment of individuals and shaping our country’s future.