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Wormald brings Fire Safety into the Digital Age with New Online Portal


When it comes to workplace safety, keeping fire protection equipment and systems in good working order is crucial. It is also essential to ensure equipment complies with Australian Standards. Fire protection standards exist to ensure a building’s fire safety equipment and systems are fully functional at all times and should be top of mind for anyone responsible for the safety of property and personnel.

However, keeping up with fire protection obligations can be a challenge, especially for those responsible for managing multiple sites.  As one of Australia’s leading specialist fire protection providers, Wormald understands the challenges and complexities that come with servicing fire equipment across one, let alone multiple sites, which is why it has launched Wormald Direct, an intuitive new digital technology platform for customers.

How does it work?

Wormald Direct – Online portal, online anytime

Wormald Select – Rapid and on-time service delivery

Wormald Inspect – Digitising your equipment’s testing records

Wormald Protect – Digitising your equipment’s service records

Wormald Collect – Docket Capture Technology

Wormald Direct is an online tool for customers that completely changes the way information is stored and exchanged. The new portal provides users with access to essential information about their fire safety systems and equipment and gives customers increased visibility across all their fire equipment, testing and service data in one convenient location.  This includes details of fire equipment maintenance and testing by site, access to electronic dockets, quotes, Annual System Condition Reports (ASCR), and testing schedules.

The portal works hand-in-hand with Wormald Inspect and Wormald Protect our digital compliance and testing toolkit used by our technicians.

Here’s how.

Wormald Inspect automatically captures inspection and testing service details and uploads the information to Wormald Direct, giving customers the convenience of online visibility. It also provides Wormald technicians with details of the required routine servicing requirements as well as digital timekeeping.

Wormald Protect is a new customised mobile service app used by our technicians that electronically captures the equipment’s service and maintenance activity and digitises fire system service records.  Service records are automatically uploaded into Wormald Direct where our customers are able to view them. The app also ensures that Wormald technicians are alerted when service calls are due, as well as providing site-specific access and contact information to ensure a seamless service delivery.

A newly added feature called Wormald Collect, then digitises and stores essential paperwork including service and testing dockets, regulatory forms, hydraulic pressure and flow performance results and uploads them to Wormald Direct for customers to access.

With GPS tracking and monitoring installed in Wormald’s 700+ vehicles nationally, Wormald Select helps dispatchers to locate our technicians at any time to ensure faster response times  and prompt arrival on site.

Since returning to local Australian management, Wormald has been committed to enhancing its customer service, investing heavily in the development of new Wormald service technologies to provide a more responsive and efficient experience for customers.