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Why fire safety systems must be maintained during COVID-19 outbreak


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has issued a warning about the need to maintain essential services as the nation locks down certain facilities to minimise the spread of COVID-19 in vulnerable populations. Wormald is urging facility managers not to neglect essential maintenance of fire protection systems during this time. 

Maintaining fire systems is a critical life safety activity that safeguards building occupants and protects property by reducing the likelihood of a major fire event occurring.  Fire equipment maintenance is an essential service that must continue regardless of the pandemic.  

Wormald’s extensive experience has shown that in times such as these, where activity within and around a facility changes from its normal operating pattern, the fire risk is heightened.  Given the current situation, it has never been more important to ensure all fire systems in all buildings continue to be inspected and maintained to ensure they will operate in accordance with their design intent and purpose.

Wormald is well positioned to continue performing essential service and maintenance tasks, working closely with businesses to maintain critical fire protection systems in accordance with regulations. We also understand the heightened safety and hygiene requirements for sensitive locations.  

Our technicians have access to appropriate PPE to prevent the spread of the virus in at risk occupant environments, including buildings holding our most vulnerable citizens such as aged care facilities and hospitals. With more than 35 locations and 1000+ employees spread across the country, Wormald’s resilient structure will help ensure essential fire protection maintenance services remain as consistent as possible throughout the country. 

Please contact our team directly on 133 166 if you require assistance or have any concerns.