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Meet the Team: Dave Gavan

Dave Gavan joined Wormald as Security Division Manager in August 2019, bringing with him extensive industry experience and knowledge. Since returning to local management four years ago, Wormald has been focused on realigning its business as a leading independent fire and security provider. We recently sat down with Dave to ask him about his role in shaping the future direction of Wormald Security.

Wormald Protecting People


How did you start working for Wormald?

The opportunity to join Wormald came at a timely period in my career. I had been noticing the quiet progress of the Wormald Security team in the Federal Government sector and upon meeting the Wormald senior leadership team it became apparent there were synergies between the vision and values of the business, which was something I wanted to join and contribute towards.

Tell us about your background

Like many others in the security industry, I started out as an apprentice security technician completing an electronics trade course. Throughout my career, I’ve continued to undertake a vast array of other studies including many product certifications and I’ve held numerous regional and national management roles. I found I thoroughly enjoy the technical facets of the industry and invest a considerable amount of time in product research to ensure clients receive the best solution that meets their specific requirements.

Explain your current role and responsibilities

Today I am employed as the Division Manager for the Wormald Security business, supported by a very committed and knowledgeable team who are passionate about quality and the future of the Wormald security business unit.

Tell us something notable about the Wormald Security business or team that you believe sets them apart from others in the industry 

We have great engagement throughout the team and our performance is driven through ownership, passion, pride and competence. Everyone works together with a common goal – the customer. The challenge is to keep the cultural balance right as we grow to ensure we sustain our values.

What do you enjoy most about working at Wormald?

Working within such a supportive, engaged team with common goals is very refreshing. The team values of quality, service and performance makes life much easier as we don’t need to push people towards the right outcomes. Everyone plays a role and is proud to work within the WSEC team.

What do you find most interesting about the Security industry?

The technology and what we can do with integrated security solutions is very exciting. From high security encrypted, secure intrusion systems, which we install into environments that need secret government clearance, to access control systems that enforce OHS compliance and improve workplace safety, and video systems that use facial recognition and advanced video analytics algorithms which come together into one integrated solution. It’s not just about security intrusion systems, there is so much more that can be achieved with the right best in breed products.

Despite the industry advancements, there is a growing skills and knowledge gap across the technical trade industry which appears to be widening. In recruiting, our focus is on hiring aptitude and attitude, people who will develop in line with the Wormald team.

What is the most challenging aspect of your role?

Remaining vigilant and keeping an eye on the game every day, staying focused on where we are heading, one step at a time, and being mindful of our lanes. Always being open to change, building the business today yet being mindful of the business requirements for tomorrow.

What trends or issues are you seeing in the Security industry today?

It is clear that security systems are becoming more than just an intruder or access system. The advancement in high security, high image resolution, biometrics and situation awareness requirements is driving a strong need for system integration and new opportunities to resolve client pain points. The I.T aspects of what the security industry does is often being overlooked.

There are many systems out there, even in high security sectors that are end of life, posing considerable risk to clients running out of date firmware, software and operating systems, creating external and/or internal risk. The challenge is reaching and educating these clients to appreciate their risk profile. Unfortunately, as we all have seen time and time again, it often takes an event to stimulate change.

Tell us a little bit about yourself – what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I am a family man who enjoys spending time with my wife and three kids, and staying active outdoors. I enjoy exercising, home DIY projects and using technology at home.

Like all of us in these times, I am looking forward to getting away on a holiday and am eagerly looking forward to getting together with the Wormald security team socially again.