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Prevent data centre disasters with INEREX fire suppression system with silent nozzle

Data centre environments are a hotbed for fires due to the amount of electrically charged equipment housed within the facilities. Elements such as electrical cabinets and server rooms with substantial electrical wiring, power cables and a high level of energy consumed, makes fire detection and suppression systems a critical consideration.

Wormald Protecting PeopleA fire can also have dire consequences for businesses as data centres host highly sensitive information that is essential to their customers’ operation with data centre protection a crucial requirement for meeting federal government regulations. High-risk, man-made and natural disasters such as fire are reasons why businesses need to ensure their data centres are protected to keep information safe and secure, while also keeping their regular business functions operational.  If an unexpected fire occurs, it’s crucial that business continuity is maintained.

Using inert gas fire suppression technology is considered the best choice for protecting data centres. Unlike gas, if water is used, it can cause irreparable damage to electronic systems and be ineffective in reaching all areas, particularly around corners. Inert gas IG-541 is a blend of gases (nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide) that occur naturally in the air we breathe and is used at concentrations that are safe for human exposure. The INEREX inert gas system manufactured by Rotarex Firetec and distributed locally by Wormald Australia is non-reactive and leaves no chemical or toxic by-products.

INEREX systems use constant-flow pressure regulators that modulate the discharge pressure to a constant 40-60 bar which still delivers the design concentration within 120 seconds, but with significant performance and cost benefits. It uses naturally occurring inert gases to suppress fire rather than water or man-made chemicals. The environment is also considered as the INEREX system is cleaner and safer to use in places with sensitive electronic equipment or delicate assets.

However, inert gas fire suppression has two limitations; overpressure and high noise levels generated during an inert gas discharge. To solve this problem, Rotarex has introduced an INEREX fire suppression system with sound reduction nozzle. The extinguishing nozzle features a unique compact design that is easy to install and is surrounded by two external filters. When used together, the INEREX pressure-regulated technology and the special silent nozzle is the perfect fire suppression system solution for protecting data centres.

The INEREX inert gas system has been extensively tested by the research and development team at ROTAREX FIRETEC, which confirmed the following benefits and results:

  • Suffocates a fire within seconds without collateral damage
  • Superior post-discharge hold times compared to chemical extinguishing agents
  • Fully floods a space (including hidden or obstructed fires, such as in-cabinet or in-rack fires)
  • Leaves no residue therefore no cleaning is required
  • Safe for humans
  • Safe for equipment (no damage caused by the agent)
  • Safe for environment
  • Allows continuity of service (no downtime for clean-up or reconditioning)

Data centres play an important role in business operations and as such, have a responsibility to ensure customer information is handled and stored carefully. The INEREX fire suppression system with silent nozzle offers a safe, efficient, and cost-effective fire suppression solution that delivers superior level of protection for these valuable environments.